Welcome to IOD Foundation

IOD Foundation has been set up to create awareness about CSR, and promote, motivate, activate and assist corporate, MSMEs and start-ups and individuals to discharge their responsibility to the underprivileged of the society and thereby promote inclusive development.

IOD Foundation endevours to study corporate approach to CSR and the gaps and benchmarks for effective implementation. IOD foundation has been registered under Societies Registration Act XXI of 1860 via registration number S-E/1599/Distt. South East/2019 on 25th April 2019.


About IOD Foundation

Charity and philanthropy have formed the core of every society across the globe. The Indian scenario is no different. But what had started with the giving away of aims, establishment of inns for travelers or even arrangements of drinking water on highways, has outgrown into something much more homogenous. The formation of foundations, trusts, societies, and company’s not-for-profit go a long way, in justifying the above statement.

It is more than imperative that each ‘IOD Foundation’ abides by principles of good governance in true letter and spirit. It is a vehicle for undertaking activities of charitable and philanthropic nature, which seek to promote the goals of inclusive growth and development in the economies globally.

IOD Foundation acts as a support system by taking care of, serving and addressing certain pressing issues in the economy. Protection of Children Rights, Women Empowerment, Senior Citizens, enabling persons with disabilities, promoting education, Health, Natural Resource Management, supporting development of agriculture, promoting art and craft, preserving the cultural heritage, etc. are just an indication of the vast variety of areas in which it can work to bring about a difference in the society.

Since ‘IOD Foundation’ relies on money from various sources, including individual donors, foundations, corporations, and governments, it is it’s utmost responsibility to ensure highest standards of good governance in managing and carrying out it’s affairs. Though the Code that follows does not attempt to enlist all applicable legal requirements for charitable entities, yet it is intended at prescribing a set of principles and standards which are to be adopted by ‘IOD Foundation’ on a voluntary basis to ensure enhanced levels of transparency and good governance in its functioning.

IOD Foundation may take necessary steps to provide for an online platform to encourage and promote e-filling of forms and disclosures for greater transparency. ‘IOD Foundation’ has been setup to support the cause of upliftment of the segments of the society which have not been able to participate and contribute in the growth of the economy. The ultimate goal of IOD Foundation needs to be provided with a strong foundation, which is stabilized with principles.

Aims & Objectives

  • To undertake all activities to promote inclusive Social and National growth.
  • To advise, assist and encourage corporate entities, in achieving their CSR Objectives.
  • To advise and train MSME sector, including start-up enterprises, to improve their governance capability for revenue generation, employment opportunities, and sustenance.
  • To encourage corporates and organizations, and to assist in the via-bility of their environment- friendly projects, with a view to achieve ecological balance.
  • To collaborate with government agencies and departments, and provide training for social development programmes, leading to economic growth.
  • To access funds for projects that have short term and long term viability, focusing on training programmes for competence building, income generation, quality production, communication skills, negotiation skills, marketing skills as well as financing, especially for weaker sections.
  • To promote employment opportunities by enhancing vocational skills and undertake livelihood enhancement projects, for under privileged and physically challenged persons.
  • To promote usage of renewable sources of energy.
  • To undertake Social surveys and studies and bring out publications, to promote national growth and development.
  • To empower women, through capacity building programmes for their career.
  • To undertake all such activities, which would be beneficial to the corporates, society and national growth.


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