MOU Partner IOD Foundation | GAIL India Ltd | M/s Suvidha Bio Foundation

An agreement was signed between M/s GAIL India Ltd. and M/s Suvidha Bio Foundation along with IOD Foundation (Implementing Project MOU partner) on 12.07.2021 at GAIL HQO, for the conduct of specialized medical diagnostic camps and Healthcare support for disabled/old age homeless people at Delhi/NCR to be supported under GAIL CSR. The agreement was signed by the GAIL team in the august presence of Director Marketing Shri. E. S. Ranganathan and Director Finance, Shri. A. K. Tiwari and represented by Shri.  Reji Mathew, Secretary General, IOD Foundation. The project falls under the commitment of GAIL CSR towards Health as one of the primary focus areas of CSR interventions, the bouquet of which has been appositely termed GAIL Hriday.

MOU Partner IOD Foundation | Nagrik Foundation | Action Aid Association

Three social foundations – IOD Foundation, Nagrik Foundation and Action Aid Association have joined hands to pool together their competencies and serve the common man in this difficult period of COVID pandemic.

An MOU to this effect was signed by the three organizations on 11 May, 2021 in New Delhi virtually.

The three organizations have committed to provide quality services for social development, healthcare, relief and livelihood opportunities and other activities as defined under CSR in Schedule V of the Companies Act. They will collectively plan site specific projects to deliver effective actions on the ground. To attain their ‘goal' they will approach private, public and family owned companies for their support under CSR funds.

All programmes will be planned after thorough needs assessment and scientific planning of actions. Strict monitoring and evaluation will also be ensured. Preference will be given to projects identified by government agencies.

Our projects will be executed in every part of the country.

It is expected that by joining hands the three organizations bring in unique strengths and will provide all assistance in relief, settlement, healthcare, education, skills development and livelihoods.

Our commitment is that we care for the people.




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