Free COVID-19 Vaccination Drive at Gurugram, Haryana:

IOD Foundation organized a vaccination drive camp starting from August 19, 2021 benefiting around 1600 people on the first day and is working for the cause every day. The camp is getting successful in reaching to its goal of 50,000 vaccinations with the help of our project partners. Mr. Rajeev Ranjan, IAS, Commissioner, Gurugram who inaugurated the camp on August 25, 2021. This camp aims to work for the marginalized at risk population in Gurugram. This initiative was carried out to help the vulnerable communities in populous cities and preventing them from outbreaks in the third wave of COVID-19.

Campaign for Covid Testing: IOD Foundation organized a special Covid testing campaign in New Delhi. With the rising cases of the Covid-19 virus in check, a campaign (#wecareforyou) was launched with the aim of ensuring continued good health and safety of the workforce and their families. Under this campaign, complimentary Covid-19 tests were carried out to ensure safety for all and the society at large.


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